“If there’s a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” - Toni Morrison

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quotes about Writing

"The novel is easily first among book that people read willingly and it is rightfully first. It has known how to keep the charm of the story, and to add to it the attraction of almost every interest. ...Scarcely any predicament, moral or psychological, has escaped its study, and it has so refined and perfected its methods that antiseptic surgery itself has hardly made a more beneficent advance. It began with the merest fable, excluding from the reader's interest all but the fortunes of princes and other dignified personages for whose entertainment it existed, until now it includes all sorts and conditions of those men, who turn to it for instruction, inspiration, consolation. It has broadened and deepened down and out till it compasses the whole of human nature; and no cause important to the race has been unfriended of it. Sometimes I have been vexed at its vicious pandering to passion, but I cannot think, after all, of any great modern novel which has not been distinctly moral in effect. I am not sorry to have had it go into the dark places of the soul, the filthy and squalid places of society, high and low, and shed there its great light. Let us know with its help what we are, and where we are. Let all the hidden things be brought into the sun, and let every day be the day of judgement. If the sermon cannot any longer serve this end, let the novel do it."
- William Dean Howells, from "Novel-Writing and Novel-Reading: an Impersonal Explanation"

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

have a slice of cake, ms. writer


I can hardly believe it! I just wrote my final French written exam (it went okay, if anyone was wondering), and then I just my oral exam tomorrow evening. Then regular school starts, but at least I'll have time to write for a few weeks before the essays and exams and blogging hiatuses begin again. And, honestly, I'll probably have more time for blogging/writing during regular exam time than the "free time" I had while studying for this French exam. I don't think I've ever had to study this hard for an exam.

That being said, it's time to answer a poll about writing from Anne-girl's new blog, Half Baked.

1. What is your favorite kind of cake? 
Rich chocolate cake with lots of rich chocolate-y frosting. But angel food cake would be next because it's so light and fluffy.

2. How long have you been writing? 
I started writing when I was almost eight years old.

3. Do you read books and blogs about writing? If so what are some of your favorites?
Oh definitely! I love to read other's work and writing tips are great, too! I love The Notebook Sisters (does that count since they write a lot more about books than writing?), Anne-girl's blog Scribblings of My Pen & Tappings of My Keyboard (and I'm sure I'll love her new blog), Scribblings of a Janeite (okay, maybe part of the reason is her beautiful WIP collages), and To Write Something Worth Reading.

4. Do you believe it's important to study writing as an art form? Why or why not?
I'm one of those people who read more for plot than style. However, I'm not going to enjoy something that is has errors in form. So, yes, I agree that studying writing as an art form is important.

5. Who's writing has influenced yours the most?
Tolkien's, of course.

6. Do you consider writing more important than food? Why or why not?
Well, that is a very difficult question, my friend. Especially since eating is one of my greater weaknesses. But to answer more seriously, food is essential for body. Writing creates literature which improves the mind. But I think to be able to enjoy literature, you have to be more than just alive - so I say food first, writing later.

7. Tell us the thing you are most excited about with your writing.
I love it when I am puzzling over in my mind how to get over a plot hole and I am doing something else (such as drying the dishes) and BAM! I have it! I can't stop grinning idiotically to myself from the excitement.

8. What are you dreading most in your writing?
Figuring out how to fix my loopholes, as well as copying another writer's work in my own and having to fix that.

9. Would you rather have people love your book now or be considered a genius after you are dead?
On first thought, I would say the former. But I think in the long run, the latter.

I will be talking to you all again soon, my lovely followers! :)