“If there’s a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” - Toni Morrison

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Okay, Wow

So after saying that I would write 50 pages of Innocent during July and then that turned to outlining and then that turned to extending the deadline to also including August and then I didn't write anything for a long time... I started writing again. I got massive ideas (including during church - I'm sorry, but sermons can be very inspiring!). I got up to 24 pages and I even started dating events in my book (until I got bored of that and did some outlining using the amazing book 45 Master Characters).

And it's been decided. I'm scrapping everything I've done over the last four years (besides the major plot ideas) and I'm starting completely over again. I'm making the first chapters more believable and not the ridiculous close-to-garbage I was proud to show off a few years ago (this is why I'm taking longer on your ebook, Jessy - plus that I was on another unexpected vacation - but I will get it done at some point, I promise!). I'm giving other characters more things to do. And mainly, I'm very very very VERY excited. And so will all of you be. Because...


I feel like I could use some alpha and beta readers. (The following descriptions are mostly in the words of Anne-girl.

Alpha readers are people who read a book while you write it. This will be only for Innocent at the moment. I will send them out to my Alpha readers as I write the sections. What I'm looking for in a reader is for someone to write comments in red{or blue or whatever} beside the story. I want to know what made you squeal or squirm or bored. I'll send you the story in the body of an email which you are free to past into a word document if you like. Please do not steal my work or print it out or anything like that {but we all know you wouldn't right?}.

Beta readers read the first draft once it it finished. These readers are asked to read the whole thing strait through comments are encouraged but you don't have to if you don't want to. When you are done I'll send you a list of questions about the book to answer and ask you to tell me your favourite thing about the book and the thing that irked you the most.

Why won't I be posting excerpts on the blog (except in some cases where interview questions like "Actually Doing Something in July" asks me to... or I feel like doing doing so)? Because my dad, who is an editor (and so he knows these things) told me that once you post something on the Internet (including a blog) it's considered already published. Therefore, if you want to get your book published, don't post anything more than small snippets on the Internet.



That's about it.

Not a big deal, is it?



  1. Wow! Well done with making this choice. I hope it all goes well for you with the rewrite :)


I'm psyched that you want to bless me with a comment! I dearly love to get any comment about my work, so feel free to critique and/or provide comments/suggestions! God bless! :)