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Saturday, June 21, 2014

To Kill a President ~ Running Around Rules

After getting sidetracked with QI (really, the Internet is both a writer's paradise and bane), I finally got back to my original plan...going to Blogger. Reason? I just got this new idea for an old plot bunny that I decided I must write down before I forget it.

Remember To Kill a President? First scene post here. Synopsis here.

I had THIS song running in my head. And I thought, what if Perdo wasn't sympathetic to Lona's cause? What if he was loyal to the President, believing all the propaganda fed to him? And maybe he was one of the guards assigned over Lona, and slowly started to believe what she had been imprisoned for? But Lona still doesn't know whether she can trust him...until something happens and Perdo puts himself in danger to save her and give her the one chance to complete the thing they were going to do. And all during that time, even though Lona acts as if she doesn't care, she really doesn't know whether she could ever live with herself with having someone's death on her conscience.

(Note: I think that I may have Lona imprisoned at a different time than her adopted family, but their cells are still pretty close.)


I can see myself using a lot of Hunger Games songs for this, as this story has some of those themes.

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