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Friday, June 27, 2014

Plot Bunny #9: Glass Slippers Break

Ever since Anne Girls' plot bunny challenge, the plot bunny switch has been turned on. The problem is, what I really want is for the working-on-my-earlier-WIP switch to be on.

But here's another idea. *sigh* This picture inspired it.

I began to think... What if Cinderella didn't really want to marry the prince? What if her stepmother and stepsisters were actually kind and were trying to keep her away from the ball to protect her? Here follows the true story of Ella.

Ella really wanted to go to the ball. But Prince Derrick turns out to be a selfish and immoral man. Now he wants to marry Ella. Ella and her family know that the only way to get Ella out of this mess is to prove that she is already married. Ella's stepsister Anastasia gets the idea that Ella should quickly get married. But Ella wants to marry for love. Could an arranged marriage turn out well? Can she accept going from riches to rags? And will Prince Derrick let Ella get away from him?

Ella stood downcast in front of her angry stepmother. She felt horrible for causing grief to the woman who always loved and cared for her.

"I don't know what to say, Ella," Madame Vandra said. "You know how often I have told you that fairies are spiteful creatures whose only joy is to get people into trouble. Why did you listen to that fairy who claimed to be your fairy godmother?"

"I...I just wanted to go to the ball, Mother. I'm sorry." Ella's usual proud composure drooped into that a peasant woman would usually display.

"You know what this means, Ella? The prince is a selfish man who only held that ball to find the most beautiful woman he could possibly marry. Your sisters are plain enough to be safe from his searching eyes. I knew that you are beautiful, and that is why I forbid you from going to the ball. Now he knows who you are, and he will find you. You will have no future, Ella."

"I said I was sorry!" Ella yelled, not being able to take any more of this.

Her stepmother flinched at the sudden loud noise, and Ella rushed in to give her an apologetic embrace.

"I was only trying to keep you safe," Madame Vandra said in a sad voice, stroking Ella's hair.

"I know, Mother. I know." Ella felt the tears pricking at her eyes.

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I quite like this idea. *smiles*

A few other ideas…

Gisella loves a poor store keeper, but he doesn’t love her back. When Anastasia suggests that Ella quickly marry, and Madame Vondra thinks that Ella needs to marry someone in a low position to escape the prince’s eye, Gisella makes a sacrifice and suggests the said store keeper. She knows that he seemed to like Ella when she was trying to make friends with him.


  1. This is such a cool idea!! I'm really enjoying Cinderella retellings right now, and this one looks amazing!! I love the picture collage you made.

    1. Thank you Kiri. :D I got the idea of making collages from another girl doing the Plot Bunny challenge.


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