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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Plot Bunny #8: The Word of Worlds

First of all, I want to thank Anne Girl for hosting this lovely contest. I came up with so many new story ideas, and I actually took the time to think about them seriously instead of ignoring them as I often do.

The funny thing is - I had no spontaneous ideas for this last plot bunny. Therefore, I decided to finally look over my Writing Inspiration board on Pinterest, which I haven't done for a while.

He wasn't dead, merely sleeping. She had made sure of that.

They thought she was reading the one book she owned...but she wasn't. She was saving other's lives. So while the other children at the orphanage laughed and played below, she climbed into her tree and did just that. She just didn't know that she would disobey the only rule...don't get attached to anyone you save.


Kathryn has led a lonely life in the town orphanage. But at a young age, she began to realize that she had remarkable gifts. She could perceive whether the couples coming to adopt children would be good parents or bad ones. But she couldn't let anyone know for fear of them finding out about her other gift - the gift of saving lives. So while others believed that she was rereading her book, the only thing her dead parents had left for her, her mind was transported to other worlds where she saved the characters. But what would happen when her heart disobeyed the one rule - don't get attached to anyone you save? And could she let her secret be known in order to save him again?

Kathryn traced one finger over the cover of her book. It was a blue hard cover. The feeling of her skin against its roughness made a tingle rush up and down her spine, enticingly. But she couldn't open it yet. Even though she was the solitary person in the room full of beds, she could tell it wasn't time. Not yet.

Footsteps on the stairs below. She could hear it distinctly in the back of her mind, although a normal person would not be able to detect such a slight shuffling.

Kathryn quickly slipped the book underneath her pillow and guiltily sprang up, making sure that her bed was as neat as it could possibly be. Ms. Prudence liked everything to be perfect.

Now she just had to wait for the head of the orphanage to finally make it up the stairs. She sighed, tugging on the red braid hanging over her shoulder.

The door swung open.

"Oh, Kathryn! Why are you still here, dear?" Ms. Prudence looked at the seventeen-year-old girl standing in front of her, shuffling nervously.

"Umm...I was just checking that everything was in order, Ms. Prudence."

As the oldest child in the room, Kathryn was in charge of making sure that all the girls made their beds to best of their ability and washed their faces, combed their hair, and got dressed properly. So it wasn't completely a lie.

Ms. Prudence nodded, and cast a sharp eye over the room, scanning it for any defects. Not that she thought there would be any. Kathryn always did her work quietly, quickly, and perfectly. It pleased the middle-aged woman's heart very much. However, she was worried about this child put in her charge.

Kathryn had always been a solitary child. The other children were always friendly to her, but never friends. She wondered why. Yes, Kathryn was shy, but shy children always broke their barriers at some point. But Kathryn never had.

And then there was the question of her age. In two months, Kathryn would turn eighteen. At that age, she would no longer be allowed to stay under her care. It scared Ms. Prudence how Kathryn would make a living for herself. She was studious, but so shy that she would never speak unless she absolutely had to. She almost seemed afraid of everyone around her.

Ms. Prudence shook her head a little, disapprovingly. She would have time to think about this nearing problem in her office. Now she had other things to do.

Kathryn was still standing there, patient as ever. She hadn't seemed to move a muscle.

"I'm sorry, dear, I was just thinking about something I need to address. You may go downstairs and have breakfast. The little ones are almost done."

There was another thing she needed to think about. Another table so that the older children could eat at the same time as the youngest, instead of having to wait. With that, her thoughts about Kathryn disappeared from her mind in a flash. Ms. Prudence was a very busy woman, and didn't have much time to think about individual students.

"Yes, Ms. Prudence." And with that, Kathryn left the head of the orphanage to think about budgets, how much a new table would cost, and whether they could fit it in with the upcoming rent that had to be paid.


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