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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Plot Bunny #8: Another Idea

I've been really interested in some of the themes of the TV show Merlin recently, so I was thinking...

Yes, Kathryn still meets that guy in one of the stories who steals her heart. But she realizes that she can never enter his world, permanently. Well, she could, but she would have to pay a terrible price, one that should never be paid. So she decides to step back into the shadows and be content with saving people, but never being known. It is a lonely job.

And during that time she meets another orphan who has also left the orphanage. And he has a red book just like hers... But she is too enthralled with the young man in the other world at that time to really get to know him.

And now for the collage I made for this story...

Le Pinterest board is here.

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