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Friday, June 13, 2014

Plot Bunny #4: Sarcastic Blogger

My third plot bunny this week. (My other ones: #2 In Flight     #3 Day of the Seasons)

La Description

Many people would describe Michelle's occupation as their "dream job". She is a travel blogger, and gets paid by writing for a travel blog and a reviews blog. She is known for her well-rounded critical reviews that help people think twice about going to that hotel or watching that movie. However, on her personal blog, she is just known as "the sarcastic blogger" from her snarky comments that don't get edited out.

But on the inside, Michelle yearns for something more. She wants the love that she never get from her family. And no matter where she travels, she never finds a place she would like to call home. But perhaps a summer back in her home country could change all that...

Some Inspiration

I feel like I'm going to base Michelle's looks/attitude a little on Karen's Gillan's Amy Pond/Williams. Actually, maybe a cross between Amy Pond and the self-absorbed Eliza Dooley.

Actually, I really like that. But she won't be the LOOK-AT-ME or #SELFIE type person, though. No, more in LISTEN-TO-ME-MY-OPINION-IS-BETTER-THAN-YOURS type. And maybe something in looks because her pride has been blown up so much.

Let's try again...


I also feel that she's going to meet someone special who will change her attitude towards life. This picture gives me some inklings...

However, her man is NOT going to be a Rory...at least, in the aspect of being a very gentle soul. He could the Centurion Rory type, though.

Best scene ever, by the way.

L'Extrait (P. S. France is NOT Michelle's home country)

"Bonjour, Michelle!"

Zoé Bertrand rose from her seat in front of La Boite a Café to greet her new friend with a kiss on the cheek. Michelle returned the greeting without enthusiasm and sat down. She still hadn't gotten used to this level of intimacy.

"Comment vas-tu?" she asked Zoé, making sure to remember to use the informal, since that's what Zoé had insisted on. Her least favourite part of the travelling experience was sorting out the different rules of each language. French was definitely not one of her favourites.

"Très bien, et toi?"

Zoé never seemed to stop smiling. But as she was Michelle's tour guide (though Zoé had instantly decided on 'friends' the moment they met), she had to put up with the excessive friendliness.

"Ah, I'm okay." Michelle knew perfectly well that Zoé was fluent in English, and she had had enough French for that early in the morning.

"How is...was your blogging last night?" Zoé tried to engage in conversation as Michelle glanced over the menu even though she had already memorized it from her previous visits.

Michelle shrugged without looking up. "I'm just working on a review of the hotel I'm staying at. The last one was horrible."

"But it comes so highly rated!" Zoé protested.

Michelle rolled her eyes. "Honestly, a lot of inns I've been to were better than that hotel."

Zoé shrugged and looked down at her menu, a little uncomfortably. Michelle sighed a deep breath of relief - internally. It wasn't too hard to shut up Zoé, after all. Now perhaps she could have a little peace during breakfast. After that, she'd try to bear with Zoé for the rest of the day, she promised herself. Just if she could have an hour's peace. Please God.

Not the best first scene I've ever written. But I'm trying to make it a FIRST scene, you know?

I say!
Ooooh! Ooooh! Maybe Michelle could actually see HIM for the first time in Victorian costume in a play... and she of course looks down at him from the beginning because she thinks he looks utterly ridiculous and...



  1. Tip! I'm quite fond of Tip despite his horridness. Lovely bunny Alyianna!


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