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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Plot Bunny #3: Day of the Seasons

First Description Idea
It is April, and the Month Sister in charge this 30-day period is very busy. So busy, in fact, that the her 'sisters' believe that someone is trying to put extra strain on her to cause her to not be able to fulfill her duties (which could get her Month Sister status revoked). Then April becomes deathly ill from the work, and her next-in-line joins the Month Sisters. However, young April is spoiled rotten and all the sisters dislike her - even June, who is a 'Queen Bee' among the Nature Family. This makes them want to cure April even more - but the cure will require great sacrifice on their part. Meanwhile, November's sister is jealous of November's beauty and her position as a Month Sister, and will do anything to tear all of the Month Sisters down in order to get to be one of them. Was she the one who plotted to get April sick?

Second Description Idea
In a rundown part of an old town, an old abandoned warehouse stands empty, except for when the members of a cult go there for meetings. At least, that's what it looks like to outsiders.

Twelve girls live ordinary lives, going to college, the mall, and whatever else young women do. But in reality, they have special jobs that cause the seasons to come and go.

Note: I'm considering making young April and November's sister honorary Month Sister positions at the end of the story so they don't feel left out.

Second Note: The first idea sounds like it would work more for a kid's book. It actually reminds me a lot of Disney Fairies. So we will see what I can work with this.

Third Note: I could do different ideas with this, such as Twelve Dancing Princesses (since there are twelve girls).

I got actually got this idea from seeing some "if the months had faces" collages on Pinterest. (This is why Pinterest is fabulous.) I chose my favourites, and I'm going to stick with the physical characteristics from these collages... Click on the images to see them bigger.

Fourth Note: First Scene and character profiles coming in next post(s)!

~ Kaya Scodelario as Jen "January" ~

~ Rosamund Pike as Fiona "February" ~

~ Gemma Arterton as Marie "March" ~

~ Keira Knightley as April ~

~ Elle Fanning as Annabella "young April" ~

~ Emma Watson as Maresa "May" ~

~ Jennifer Lawrence as Joanne "June" ~

~ Blake Lively as Jessica "July" ~

~ Freida Pinto as Angelique "August" ~

~ Isla Fisher as Sara "September" ~

~ Eartha Kitt as Opal "October" ~

~ Karen Gillan as Nadia "November" ~

~ Naya Rivera as Nicole ("November"'s Sister) ~

~ Ziyi Zhang as Dominique "December" ~

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