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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Plot Bunny #3: "Day of the Seasons" Character Profiles

This post will be updated as I gather more information about these characters.

Jen "January"
Family: grandparents; only child
Best Friend: Fiona
Description: booky and shy
Element at disposal: water and air
Her Story: Jen has always been different.
But when she finds out that she has special
powers, an exciting opportunity opens up in the 
form of the Nature Family cult. Excited and
determined to prove her worth, Jen would do
anything for her new sisters in spirit - the Month

Fiona "February"
Family: two little brothers
Best Friend: Fiona
Description: funny and quirky
Elements at disposal: water and air
Her Story: When Jen joins the Month Sisters,
Fiona is eager to make a new friend. But when
her love for pranks drags Jen into trouble, Fiona
vows to change her ways... as soon as she saves Jen.

Marie "March"
Family: mother; only child
Best Friends: Nadia, Jessica, Dominique
Description: romantic and artistic
Elements at disposal: water and earth
Her Story: Marie was heartbroken when the last November
sister, Nikita, died. But when the new November sister, Nadia,
joins their "family", Marie finds, to her amazement, that Nadia
has a very similar personality to Nikita. But Nadia's position
seems doomed to failure from the moment she steps into
her new role.

Family: an aunt
Best friend: Maresa
Description: kind, quiet manner
Elements at disposal: air and earth
Her Story: It is April's month, and she wants to prove her
worth to the leaders of the Nature Family cult.
But someone has been destroying all her work.
The extra pressure on her makes her gravely ill.

Annabella "young April"
Family: parents; only child
Description: spoiled child longing for real love
Elements at disposal: earth and fire
Her Story: When April gets sick, Annabella, next
in line, is excited at her chance to prove her worth
to not only the entire community, but especially
to her parents. However, her feelings of superiority
coming from a rich family give her the image of a snob
and no one seems to like her... except for the widely-popular
Joanne, whom Annabella realizes is not the Queen Bee she
appears to be.

Maresa "May"
Family: parents and several siblings
Best friend: April
Description: sunny, social butterfly, extrovert
Elements at disposal: earth and fire
Her Story: When April, her friend-from-birth, gets sick,
Maresa will do anything to find a cure. The new girl, Jen,
agrees to help her, but the cure requires something
forbidden and dangerous...

Joanne "June"
Family: father who abandoned her
Description: clique leader type on outside,
shy and hurting inside
Elements at disposal: water and fire
Her Story: She has risen to the status of the most
popular young person among the Nature Family.
However, what she really wants is love and kindness.
Ever since her father abandoned her, she feels
unworthy of love. Annabella feels like a real sister to
her - but if April survives her illness, Annabella
will have to leave.

Jessica "July"
Family: parents and a younger sister
Best Friends: Dominique, Marie, Nadia
Description: athletic, hates standing still
Elements at disposal: fire and air
Her Story: Jessica has always paid more attention to her
training than her job because nothing interesting ever seems
to happen in the quiet Nature Family. But when something
seems to stir her Sisters out of their comfort zones, it seems
that she'll have to pick one side to ally herself to in order
to join the fun.

Angelique "August"
Family: parents and an older brother
Description: has extremist opinions and 
not afraid to voice them
Elements at disposal: fire and earth
Her Story: Angelique is only too glad to jump upon
an opportunity to convert her friends Sara and Opal
to Catholicism when they are in difficult times.
But has she pushed them too hard?

Sara "September"
Family: fiancé
Best friend: Opal and Angelique
Description: stylish and snarky
Elements at disposal: earth and and air
Her Story: Sara has never felt more in love.
She's so happy to have met a young man
who isn't put off by her sarcasm. But
when Sara finds out that Sam was cheating
on her, her world crashes down upon her.

Opal "October"
Family: grandmother
Best Friend: Sara and Angelique
Description: unbeliever
Elements at disposal: air and earth
Her Story: Opal was an atheist ever since her entire
family (well, almost) died off, one by one. But when
her grandmother falls ill, Opal feels like she could
do anything to help her grandmother... even if it
meant believing in a God again. (Maresa tries
to enlist her help, but she refuses to take the
terrible cost.)

Nadia "November"
Family status: adopted parents and sister
Description: kind, innocent, girlish
Best Friends: Marie, Jessica, Dominique
Elements at disposal: water and air
Her Story: Nadia couldn't believe it when she
was chosen as the next Month Sister. She is pleased
that Marie wants to be her friend. She's never had
a real friend before, especially since her adopted
sister has always shunned her. But after a few days
into her new job, everything starts to go wrong.

Nicole "November's" sister
Family: parents and adopted sister
Description: jealous, over-achiever
Elements at disposal: water and air
Her Story: She is jealous of her adopted sister's beauty
and talents. When a position opens up for a new November
sister, she tells lies about Nadia in an attempt to have
her sister disqualified from the nominations. But when Nadia
is still chosen, Nicole decides that she has to take more
desperate measures.

Dominique "December"
Family: parents, twin brothers, and a baby sister
Description: quiet, musical
Best Friends: Jessica, Nadia, Marie
Elements at disposal: water and air
Her Story: Dominique enjoys the warmth and peace
of her secondary family. Then things seem to upset
the peace of the Nature Family, and everyone seems to
have secrets that they are not willing to share. She
worries that something has destroyed the friendship
among her Sisters, and she hopes that a party just for
the twelve of them after the festivities of the Day of the
Seasons could help bring them back together.



  1. I love this!!! Matching each girl up to a month and... ooh! The pictures are fantastic! :D

    1. Thank you. :) I found these amazing collages on Pinterest and BAM! Idea.


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