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Monday, June 9, 2014

Plot Bunny #2: In Flight

Prince Philip feels like a failure. While his brother has saved many damsels in distress, and is now married to a maiden who was forced into servitude by her stepmother and stepsisters, all if his quests were failures. Most heartbreaking was the time when the beautiful girl he loved was poisoned by her wicked stepmother. Since that incident two years ago, Philip has decided to let others do the saving. But when he comes across a beautiful maiden trapped in a tower, he can't help but try his hand at saving her.

~ In Flight ~

Philip sometimes dreamed he was flying. He didn't have any wings, but yet there he was, soaring above the clouds. He would hope to stay there forever, but at some point he had to come tumbling back to reality - the cold, harsh reality when he remembered the failure he was.

So he tried to remember the joys of flying as he went for a morning ride. However, it didn't work. That was when he decided to do something that only the very reckless - or desperate - would attempt.

He went into the Forbidden Forest.

His horse's gallop turned into a walk as soon as it saw the dense, dark trees. It tried to turn back, but Philip forced it to go on.

Only creatures of the night seemed to live here. No maiden would dare enter, for she knew that no knight would be there to hear her scream for help.

The myths and legends of this place sent even the bravest knight into nervous tremblings.

But Philip didn't care.

And that's when he suddenly heard a beautiful voice break out in song as he saw a break in the trees ahead of him.

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