“If there’s a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” - Toni Morrison

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Liebster Tag

I was tagged by snatched this tag from Kiri Liz.

The Rules
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- List 11 facts about yourself.
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One down, six to go.

11 Facts About Me My Stories
1. I am the world's worst person at finishing projects. I love to start them, but I never finish. For example, I have never gotten even near at finishing the first draft of my story Innocent, but I have come up with plenty of new story ideas.

2. I started Innocent/FOTN when I was fourteen. The idea came from one of my obsessions at the time. It is my dearest WIP and it is the one thing that I am going to force myself to finish...one day.

3. This is actually my third try at a writing blog. So far, it is the most successful one.

4. Some of my story ideas not on this blog include a girl who finds herself taking part in the events of Macbeth and a girl who is transported to the end of the world during halftime in a baseball game.

5. One of the greatest struggles in my life involves the question "Read...or write?"

6. I wrote my very first story when I was about eight years old. My story featured a girl named Molly who went to her friend's house for the sleepover I had always dreamed of. Over the next few years, my writing developed with more stories about Molly. My last Molly story was written when I was around twelve.

7. After the Molly stories, I wrote a story about three friends who went to a café whose visitors were characters like Christopher Robin, Gollum, and the Big Bad Wolf. I wrote two more stories in the series, but none were as amazing as that first one.

8. One of my favourite stories I wrote as a child was a story about two Chinese boys who escaped from their master, a shopkeeper. The shopkeeper ran after the boys, cursing and screaming. He eventually found his charges and sent them back to work.

9. My favourite book ever since I was nine has been The Lord of the Rings.

10. I absolutely love notebooks. So much so that I love buying them all the time. And then I never use them. Because after one page has been used...they're spoiled for other things. ;)

Answering 11 Questions
1. If you could go back in time, what would you visit and why? There are so many periods in time that I love - 19th century (pioneer) North America, medieval times, the French Revolution, and World War/Great Depression periods. For obvious reasons, I'm not sure I would want to visit the latter two, at least not for very long. But I'd love to go back in time and meet Tolkien. That would be amazing. :)

2. What was the longest book you ever read? Les Miserables...probably? I don't know how it relates to The Lord of the Rings. Les Mis is my second favourite book of all time.

3. Describe yourself in one sentence. I'm a Roman Catholic Canadian eighteen-year-old girl who loves her Faith and family, to read and write, and is a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who.

4. What is one of the books you read (or had read to you) when you were little? Well, I can't remember as far back as when I couldn't read yet (What?! I could read as soon as I came out of my mother's womb!). But when I could read myself, my favourite authors were Enid Blyton and Kit Pearson. No question about it.

5. What book are you current reading? Ah, you means books. *cough* I have a bad habit of starting many books and reading snippets of them at different times. So, at the moment I am rereading one of my favourite books (written by a friend), I Thirst, a book that my mom loves and forced asked me to read, Angels in the Dust, and an amazing TV guide / historical book, The World of Downton Abbey. I. HAVE. NEVER. READ. SUCH. A. BRILLIANT. GUIDE. IT. IS. MOSTLY. HISTORY/CULTURE. OF. THE. TIME. PERIOD. AND. I. LOVE. IT.

6. What genre do you like to write? Fantasy, mostly. But I've been widening my boarders to a little science fiction, dystopian, historical fiction, and what I like to call real-life books (I've never learned the name for this genre, okay?). But it's hard for me not to add fantasy to anything I write.

7. Why do you write? I've always loved thinking up my own stories, and it just makes sense to put them down to paper so that I can remember them. I also love to share my stories with other people. :)

8. Besides writing, what do you do in your free time? I read. I watch TV shows like Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Merlin, and Downton Abbey. I surf Pinterest. I update my blogs (I've got three more besides this one - my main blog, my reviews blog, and a fandoms blog I share with my sister - but I honestly do most of the work on it). When I have extra free time (which isn't often), I make music videos, make jewelry, or teach myself to knit and play the piano. And whenever I'm super bored, I reload Facebook half a dozen times in hopes that something new will have popped up since last time I checked.

9. What's the best writing advice you ever heard? PLOT PLOT PLOT. The book First Draft in 30 Days changed my life. Literally. Buy that book. Or at least borrow it from your library. It will change your life, too.

10. What is your favourite section of the bookstore? Christian adult, if there is one. And the one that has guides for movies and TV shows so that I can look through them all and wish I was rich so that I could buy them all.

11. What is the best writing prompt you've ever used? I've pinned dozens of writing prompts to my Pinterest board for writing inspiration, but I've never used them. Except for the one that inspired this idea.

Nominate nine followers and ask them eleven questions

In other words, I'm too lazy. Take the tag if you want and use the eleven questions above. ;)


  1. Great answers, I am quite intrigued by First Draft in 30 Days because I am not good at plotting ... I tend to just go for it, introducing lots of random but clearly significant characters along the way and hoping that everything will fall into place.

    1. I used to avoid plotting like the plague... but when I read this book, I realized how important plotting could be... and that it could even be fun!


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