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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Thief in Storybrooke - 3

A sudden buzzing sounded in the car, and Emma looked towards the bug receiver clipped on her dashboard with a look of surprise. When she had discovered that old abandoned shed in the wood, she had decided to plant a bug there because it seemed a good place for any criminal activity to happen; however, she had thought it was a lame idea at the time.  Now somebody was there - perhaps it was Gold! Feeling like it was her lucky day, Emma made a U-turn, not caring if anyone was watching or not, and sped back in the opposite direction. She pressed a button on the bug to turn the sound on.

There was a strange noise that sounded like something heavy being dragged along a floor, and then there was a noise as if whatever - or whoever - had been dragged was dumped somewhere in a corner. Then a ripping noise that reminded Emma distinctly of the times when Luke and Adam, two bratty boys she had had to live with in one of many of the foster homes she had stayed in, had pulled duck tape from each other's mouths in unison. They had thought it funny, but this noise sent a chill down Emma's spine, especially with the moan that came along with the ripping noise. So there was a prisoner in the abandoned shed!

Emma accelerated as much as she dared.

"Please," a low male voice begged over the receiver. "I can explain."

Emma furrowed her brow. The voice sounded familiar, but she couldn't quite place it. She felt frustrated with herself. Shouldn't she know all the voices by now in a puny town? This wasn't the city, for God's sake!

A scraping of a chair being dragged across a floor.

"Well," came the chilling voice of a person that Emma all too well recognized. "Well, that is just...fascinating."



  1. This is very good! I think that you could expand on the first paragraph some more, but other than that, it's really good!


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