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Monday, October 14, 2013

A Thief in Storybrooke - 2

I'm trying to add in some backstory in here, and I'm probably going to fail at doing it properly. So bear with me, please.

Contrary to what Emma thought, Mr. Gold didn't even realize that he was being followed. The changing of streets to throw anyone off his trail was second nature to him, which was probably a good thing because his emotions were running too high to be able to be paying much attention to what he was doing. The prime emotion was an intense hate that coursed through his entire body.

The "borrowed" van (he was going to return it tomorrow, of course - provided that the owner was still alive) jolted as it passed over one of those nasty potholes in the road. Usually, Mr. Gold would grimace and turn his angry thoughts towards Regina, the mayor of Storybrooke. However, this sharp movement fueled the burning fire in his head. He hoped that the prisoner in the back of the van was getting bruised.

Gold could never forget what the so-called Moe French had done to her. How he had caused her death. How that beautiful blue-eyed girl would be living right now if only that bastard-of-a-father hadn't shunned her. Of course, French didn't even know he had a daughter. He didn't remember his past. Neither did all of the people living in this town - except for Regina and himself, being granted this special right by the latter. But that wasn't the point now. That didn't matter, only what he was going to do to Moe French once he reached their destination.

His mind wandered to another world, one in which he had a lot of power - even more than he did now. The reason that was because he had magic then. He was the Dark One, and the kings of all the lands surrounding the Enchanted Forest would beg him for help. Of course, that meant that he would only help if he would get something in return. He would let them grovel a bit, and then he would strike up one of his marvellous deals - one that would really only benefit him, and cause only grief for the other party.

The whole thing started when King Maurice had sent an urgent summons to him, begging for help against strong invaders. The Mr. Gold of that world (but that was not his name there) had rubbed his hands in delight. He already knew what he was going to ask in return - he had heard of the beauty of King Maurice's daughter, Belle. His excuse? He had needed a housekeeper for some time, and Belle seemed the perfect fit.

In the end, King Maurice had to give in when Belle agreed to go in order to save her family and friends. Very courageous was what King Maurice's people probably thought of the girl. Very silly, he thought of it.

Then things changed around the Dark Castle. Belle was averse to his treatments of prisoners and those who stole his things. The problem was, he found his heart warming to this beautiful girl who reminded him of the days back when he was like any other man, and had a sense of morality. And then the day came when Belle tried to show him that she loved him. But he refused it, for that would get rid of his power. Belle left, and tidings had come to him that Maurice had shunned his daughter's presence for having agreed to go with such a beast, and that Belle had died because of this.

He was cruel to her, Regina almost laughed when she told him the news. He locked her in a tower and sent in clerics to cleanse her soul with scourges and flaying. After a while, she threw herself off the tower. She died.

You're lying, he said calmly, but inside, he knew it was true, and any of the love that Belle had placed there was starting to die again.

Am I?

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