“If there’s a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” - Toni Morrison

Friday, May 17, 2013

Keeping-My-Sanity Writing Project [UPDATE: WRONG NUMBERS]

The title may seem crazy (how ironic), but the idea isn't. I know that I'm plunging into a last month of getting high school done soon...in fact, the work is already picking up. So, in order to keep sane, I'm going to try to make sure I do something actually productive in the little free time I have - writing. Even if the schoolwork load gets hectic and insane, at least my free time will be structured and controlled, right? ;)

I decided to choose a goal of 60, 000 words by the end of June. If I get more, whoop-dee-doo! If I get get less...well, that's what I'm expecting. How did I decide on this word count? Well, I thought that 1000 words a day isn't too big a goal, and I multiplied that by 30 and decided 30,000 sounded too tiny (and, anyway, I have more than a month).

So here it goes - I can write on anything I want, whether it's a novel idea (such as my fairy tale novel or my historical novel ideas), a novel I've already started (FOTN), or the lowly fanfiction type (okay, okay, they're fun to write - I have several started: my Bridge to Terabithia one...my Rumple/Belle one *wink wink*...the LOTR fanfiction idea I got several years ago but haven't been brave enough yet to start...or I could [oh, horrors! or not...] get back to my Haylor one ;) )

So please wish me luck! If you have anything to "donate" - ideas, writing projects of your own (it would give me a break to read someone else's work), a virtual hug, etc., then send them over.

Oh, dear. Treskie's habit of starting each blog post with "so" is very contagious...now I have the habit to start every paragraph with "so". ;)

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