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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Come Back...Be Here (Part One of a Fanfic)

Here is the first chapter of an unfinished Haylor (Harry Styles/Taylor Swift) fanfic I wrote a little while back. Maybe it's kind of dumb...but, well, judge for yourselves. :P Let me know what you think, even if it isn't good. :P And yes...I was a Haylor shipper. ;)

She still remembered the words he had told her as a goodbye when he paused before he went through the airport terminal.

"Please don't see anyone while I'm gone."

Usually, Taylor would be offended by something like this, someone almost expecting her to cheat on them while they were gone. But now she had gotten to know Harry better. She knew that his own nature was to be flirtatious and to move from one girl to the next, so naturally, he expected everyone else to be the same.

"I would never cheat on you, Harry," Taylor whispered to him.

Harry was four years younger than she was, but he was gorgeous with his dark brown curly hair and green eyes, and when Taylor was with him she felt younger than she had in years, and that Harry was really the older one.

"I'll call you every day, my love," Harry promised her, moving in close.

Their lips brushed softly against each other, and then the next thing Taylor knew was that Harry was gone and away, and all she could see was his back as he moved through security.

"Goodbye..." she whispered.

On the taxi on the way to her apartment, Taylor found herself taking out her notebook that she always kept in her purse and a pen. She started to write absentmindedly at first, but then she began pouring out her heart onto the paper.

You said it in a simple way
4am, the second day
How strange that I don’t know you at all
Stumble through the long goodbye
One last kiss then you catch your flight
Right when I was just about to fall

I told myself: “don’t get attached”
But in my mind I play it back
Spinning faster than the plane that took you

And this is when the feeling sinks in
I don’t wanna miss you like this
Come back… be here
Come back… be here
I guess you aren't in New York today
I don’t wanna need you this way
Come back… be here
Come back… be here

As Taylor payed the driver and stepped into the elevator, she was singing the chorus softly to herself: "Come back...be here." There was an Asian man on the elevator, but Taylor hardly noticed him or the strange looks he was giving her.

* * *

Taylor was dreaming of him when she woke up.

It had been so long since she had seen Harry last, that she couldn't even remember how many days it had been anymore. The two had exchanged numerous text messages and they talked on the phone late into the night. Sometimes, they even did video chats, but they never had much peace with those because Harry's roommate Louis kept wanting to get into the video.

It was two days before Taylor's release of her new album Red, and she was getting pretty excited....maybe even more than the fans. She couldn't wait to see what their reactions were.

Close to the last minute, Taylor had recorded her song - Come Back...Be Here. It was going to be a song on the deluxe version of Red.

She was humming the song now as she scrolled through the news on her phone. She had gotten into the habit of reading the latest news on Harry Styles, and checking out all the pictures of him, etc. etc. Taylor grinned to herself. She was getting to be as idiotically obsessed as the One Direction fans.

Suddenly, she stopped humming and her blue eyes grew wide as she read the headline: "Harry Styles Caught on Camera Kissing Emily Ostilly."


Taylor frantically read the article...and then another...and then another. She searched in Google Images...and there the picture was.

Taylor only stopped her hand just in time from throwing her phone across the room at the wall as hard as she could. She couldn't believe this! How could this happen?

Her emotions were in a tangle of all different kinds with all different types of questions screaming and raging around her brain like a crowd of jostling fangirls.

Why did the media have to be so snoopy and have to capture every single moment?
Why did she have to be so obsessed and read all the news?
Why did Harry do this to her?

And most of all, Why did I fall in love with the flirtatious Harry Styles? I should have listened to them...I should have!

A text message popped up on her screen:
Taylor dont listen to them it isn't true

Usually, Taylor had a positive and sunny disposition, but now, her anger boiled up like a big thundercloud.
Dont you tell me that
You told me not to cheat
Why did u?

Then she shut off her phone and placed it on the floor beside her. Suddenly, the tears came streaming down like a torrent and Taylor put her face in her hands and sobbed.

And all she could think of was "I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In".

© Copyright of Alyianna Baggins, 2012


  1. Wow, good suspense! poor Taylor.

  2. wow. :) I liked that a lot. Good fan fiction. I approve. lol

  3. Thanks ever so much, you two. :) I will post another installment tomorrow if I remember. ;)

  4. You're very welcome!, Yay another installment!! 😃


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