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Saturday, March 30, 2013

My NEWEST Work-In-Progress

Soo...I've started work on yet another novel. If you aren't groaning and saying, "Oh, Alyianna..." YOU SHOULD BE. I don't know if I can even count the number of novels I have started and left to the wayside. Some of them, yes, I have been working on - like FOTN. Others I have a feeling that I will actually return to (such as Beyond the Fence or Kat's Story...these titles will meaning nothing to all of you - yes, I will get around to posting an excerpt sometime).

But I am pretty excited about this new novel. I combined a Les Mis fanfiction idea (dropping the fanfiction part) and a novel idea I got last week from my history textbook (from this one point in history that really intrigued me). So what point of history was this? The siege of Zaragoza by Napoleon (Zaragoza is in Spain, by the way). What caught my interest about this siege? Well, the people of Zaragoza were the last people in Spain to be able to hold on against Napoleon's forces. I did some extra research on it, and I was able to even find a book about it on Gutenberg - hopefully I will be able to make my way through it. ;)

Next on my research list is to find about the lives of people in the early 1800s in France. One of my characters is to be a young man in Napoleon's army against Zaragoza. Another character is a peasant girl living in Zaragoza. My main main character is a girl, who is almost like a go-between...but she's from the future. ;)

Sound interesting? I hope you are...post a comment if you want me to post an excerpt from my latest WIP!

Come Back...Be Here (Part Two)

Here is the next installment of the Haylor fanfiction. :) Enjoy!

After that, Taylor tried to get over him. Now she was dating Connor Kennedy. At times, his curly hair and green eyes would remind her of him, but she pushed away the bad memories. But she couldn't keep them away at night, when she would cry herself to sleep.

Even the relationship with Connor wasn't helping. At times, she almost gave up because she knew that he wasn't who she wanted. It was Harry.

In addition to this, Connor's parents hated her, and openly told the media that they thought she was trash. Only Connor's grandmother, Edith, approved of their relationship.

"I can see Connor growing in a good way every day," she told Taylor, beaming.

But it still felt all wrong to Taylor.

And all of this Harry knew from Taylor's good friend and roommate, Abigail. Abigail had seen broken-hearted Taylor was, and she thought that they should be together. And so after the horrible break-up, she began a correspondence with Harry.

At first, her words were furious, mad at him for making her friend so hurt. But then Harry found himself pouring out his heart to her...not in a loving kind of way, but a friend way. And then Abigail realized how hurt he was. Now she was prodding him into trying to make it all up.

But how could he do that? His stupid pride was in the way, and wouldn't let him apologize to her and tell her it was all a mistake, and ask her to come back.

But looking at it in another light, he couldn't just do nothing. He couldn't move on. He couldn't take pleasure in anything anymore.

Harry found himself following the news about Taylor, just as she had done for him. When he had first met her, he hadn't been as much into her as she was into him. After all, he was used to moving on quickly from somebody. But now that she was gone, he was feeling something he had never felt before - true love. It felt softer and sweeter and also more difficult in some ways than anything else he had ever felt before.

Taylor was supposedly getting on along well with Connor Kennedy, and two were reported to be "madly in love". But Harry and Abigail knew better.

And all he knew was that somehow, he had to make it all better. He had to make it up to her. He had to make things right again.

* * *

Months later, the day before Christmas Eve, Taylor was taking a walk with Connor Kennedy. It was in the beautiful park that was part of the Kennedy's home. Snow had newly fallen, and the world was glistening white. Taylor was sporting a gorgeous white jacket, and she had a red hat on. It made her feel like Christmas itself. Connor was looking rather handsome in his own leather jacket and a green hat that made his green eyes shine out more than ever in his freckled face.

"It looks rather pretty, doesn't it?" Connor asked. He had an arm around Taylor, and his presence was making the whole world feel Christmassy and lovely.

"Yes, it does," Taylor said, shivering a little bit in the crisp air. She cuddled up to him, and his body warmth made her warm all over.

"Are you cold?" Connor asked.

"A little, Taylor admitted.

Connor held her closer to him, and the two walked in silence for a little while. Finally, Connor stopped and broke the silence.

"Taylor..." he said, facing Taylor and taking her hands in his own. His voice had an edge to it that Taylor didn't like.

She looked at Connor, and he was looking right at her.

"Yes?" she whispered, her heart dreading something that her head couldn't understand.

"I've been meaning to tell you this for a long time...but...I could never bring myself to say it," Connor said. His eyes were beginning to fill with tears.

"Please...tell me," Taylor managed to get out. Her voice was squeaky with apprehension.

Connor looked down, and then back up again.

"I suppose you realize that my mother and father don't exactly approve of you..." he started.

Taylor raised a trembling hand and put a finger on Connor's lips. "Don't, Connor..." she said. "You're just making it worse."

"Taylor..." Connor's voice broke. When he spoke again, his voice was hoarse. "I can't go on like this. I love you, but my mother..." He stopped.

Taylor could hardly find the words to speak, but she suddenly heard herself speaking the words she had wanted to keep inside of her for the last few months, knowing they were the right thing to say, but hating to break this all up.

"You need to do what you think is best..." A tear streamed down her cheek to her nose, where it dangled for a while and tickled her nose dreadfully, before it fell onto her red-mittened hand. "I don't want to be the thing that comes between you and your mother." She gulped down the terror that was rising in her throat. "I'm sure you'll meet someone lovely that your mother will approve of."

Then she broke away and turned, wanting to get as much distance as possible between her and Connor before she entirely broke down.

"Taylor, wait!" Connor's firm hand landed on her shoulder and held her back. She hung in between the movement of staying and leaving, each half of her wanting to do either the former or the latter.

The next thing she knew was that Connor's hand was lifting her chin up so that she was looking into his eyes.

"You don't know how much this means to me," Connor whispered. "Thank you."

The tears were shimmering in both of their eyes now.

"It's only what a friend would do for another," Taylor's voice was harsh and grating in comparison to her usual sweet and melodious tone.

Connor suddenly looked down. "Oh! I almost forgot your Christmas present!"

One green-mittened hand dove into Connor's right pocket, and out came a little green box with a red ribbon on it.

"Open it," he commanded.

Taylor pulled on the little ends of the little ribbon, and they curled away and off the top of the box. Her trembling fingers took off the little top and then picked out a little silver heart charm with the following intitals engraved and entwined on the front: KC TS.

"For your ever-growing friendship bracelet," Connor said, smiling through his tears.

Taylor smiled a little, too. Connor knew all about the empty friendship bracelet of silver chain links she had received as a birthday present from her best present Abigail. Over the years, she had collected so many charms that she had begun to hang two charms on each chain link.

Now she pushed down the red right mitten and pushed up the sleeve of the white jacket, revealing the said friendship bracelet. Without a sound, she held out her  right wrist to Connor and handed him the little heart charm with her left fingers. Without a sound, Connor put the heart charm on top of the little charm that looked like a diploma scroll that Taylor had received when she graduated from high school. A tear fell from Taylor's right eye onto his finger as he finished clasping it on.

Then he looked up into her eyes again, and Taylor could read the expression perfectly - his eyes were saying goodbye. She knew he was too much of a gentleman to ask her for a last kiss since they weren't a couple anymore, and so she leaned in and gave him a quick last kiss before she turned and walked away.

She didn't look back.

© Copyright of Alyianna Baggins, 2012

The amazing thing is, I wrote this part of the fanfiction a day or two before it came out on the news that Taylor and Connor had broken up! So I feel a little bit like a psychic now. xD

What do you think is going to happen next? Say what you think in the comments section below!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Come Back...Be Here (Part One of a Fanfic)

Here is the first chapter of an unfinished Haylor (Harry Styles/Taylor Swift) fanfic I wrote a little while back. Maybe it's kind of dumb...but, well, judge for yourselves. :P Let me know what you think, even if it isn't good. :P And yes...I was a Haylor shipper. ;)

She still remembered the words he had told her as a goodbye when he paused before he went through the airport terminal.

"Please don't see anyone while I'm gone."

Usually, Taylor would be offended by something like this, someone almost expecting her to cheat on them while they were gone. But now she had gotten to know Harry better. She knew that his own nature was to be flirtatious and to move from one girl to the next, so naturally, he expected everyone else to be the same.

"I would never cheat on you, Harry," Taylor whispered to him.

Harry was four years younger than she was, but he was gorgeous with his dark brown curly hair and green eyes, and when Taylor was with him she felt younger than she had in years, and that Harry was really the older one.

"I'll call you every day, my love," Harry promised her, moving in close.

Their lips brushed softly against each other, and then the next thing Taylor knew was that Harry was gone and away, and all she could see was his back as he moved through security.

"Goodbye..." she whispered.

On the taxi on the way to her apartment, Taylor found herself taking out her notebook that she always kept in her purse and a pen. She started to write absentmindedly at first, but then she began pouring out her heart onto the paper.

You said it in a simple way
4am, the second day
How strange that I don’t know you at all
Stumble through the long goodbye
One last kiss then you catch your flight
Right when I was just about to fall

I told myself: “don’t get attached”
But in my mind I play it back
Spinning faster than the plane that took you

And this is when the feeling sinks in
I don’t wanna miss you like this
Come back… be here
Come back… be here
I guess you aren't in New York today
I don’t wanna need you this way
Come back… be here
Come back… be here

As Taylor payed the driver and stepped into the elevator, she was singing the chorus softly to herself: "Come back...be here." There was an Asian man on the elevator, but Taylor hardly noticed him or the strange looks he was giving her.

* * *

Taylor was dreaming of him when she woke up.

It had been so long since she had seen Harry last, that she couldn't even remember how many days it had been anymore. The two had exchanged numerous text messages and they talked on the phone late into the night. Sometimes, they even did video chats, but they never had much peace with those because Harry's roommate Louis kept wanting to get into the video.

It was two days before Taylor's release of her new album Red, and she was getting pretty excited....maybe even more than the fans. She couldn't wait to see what their reactions were.

Close to the last minute, Taylor had recorded her song - Come Back...Be Here. It was going to be a song on the deluxe version of Red.

She was humming the song now as she scrolled through the news on her phone. She had gotten into the habit of reading the latest news on Harry Styles, and checking out all the pictures of him, etc. etc. Taylor grinned to herself. She was getting to be as idiotically obsessed as the One Direction fans.

Suddenly, she stopped humming and her blue eyes grew wide as she read the headline: "Harry Styles Caught on Camera Kissing Emily Ostilly."


Taylor frantically read the article...and then another...and then another. She searched in Google Images...and there the picture was.

Taylor only stopped her hand just in time from throwing her phone across the room at the wall as hard as she could. She couldn't believe this! How could this happen?

Her emotions were in a tangle of all different kinds with all different types of questions screaming and raging around her brain like a crowd of jostling fangirls.

Why did the media have to be so snoopy and have to capture every single moment?
Why did she have to be so obsessed and read all the news?
Why did Harry do this to her?

And most of all, Why did I fall in love with the flirtatious Harry Styles? I should have listened to them...I should have!

A text message popped up on her screen:
Taylor dont listen to them it isn't true

Usually, Taylor had a positive and sunny disposition, but now, her anger boiled up like a big thundercloud.
Dont you tell me that
You told me not to cheat
Why did u?

Then she shut off her phone and placed it on the floor beside her. Suddenly, the tears came streaming down like a torrent and Taylor put her face in her hands and sobbed.

And all she could think of was "I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In".

© Copyright of Alyianna Baggins, 2012

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Great Test - Short Story

I promised I would give you another post today, so here it is. I decided that I'm going to take all my short stories that I had on another blogs or websites and put them here. So here is one of the stories I wrote for my friend Voronda's WATW in which she provided the picture, and other people had to respond with a story.

Image from Google and Voronda's blog.

Dalia, the Great Enchantress was dead. A new Great Enchantress from her apprentices must be chosen. And that is why Amana was sitting among the twelve girls from Aria’s household in Basheer’s cave.

Basheer was the elder of the clan. Even he had more power than Aria had had. But in these evil times, he must not use his power, for the other tribes would guess right away that their enemy was the leader of the Asinbowlder tribe.

The person to help Baksheer and replace Dalia must be a girl. That is what Baksheer had decided because their enemies would less likely guess that the Asinbowlder’s source of power came from not a male, but a female.

And she must practice her magic in secret, always in secret. She must dress in rags and pretend to be a cripple, as Dalia had. She must go to the most dangerous parts of the land to find berries and roots for potions, if need be. She must be always on hand to go where Baksheer decided to send her, even if it be to battle.

Amana was, like the eleven other girls, an orphan. Baksheer and Dalia had decided this to be the most appropriate, for it is hard and cruel to make a parent give their daughter, perhaps their only daughter, away at birth to be brought up in the ways of good magic by Dalia. Baksheer and Dalia also knew that orphans were not like other children - they had more potential towards magic, and had something special about them.

All twelve girls were very excited and nervous. Excited, that they had a chance of becoming the most important Enchantress in the Asinbowlder tribe. Nervous, that they could lose their chance to one of her friends, now competitors. Nervous also because if either of them became the Great Enchantress, the task would be hard and dangerous. No other thing could prove this fact better than that Dalia had been killed yesterday in one of the great battles.

But their greatest battle was coming soon, and so Baksheer had ordered (but not unkindly) the girls to dry their tears and make ready for the Test.

The men were out in battle against the enemy, who were now unleashing fires upon them. All the woman and children in the village looked up to Mount Destiny with hopeful eyes.

Baksheer winked at the girls, trying to make them feel better. “I suppose we are on a mountain because the air is clearer and we can think better.”

The girls did not feel any better, but they tried to smile and Amana spoke up, shyly, “But we are on the smallest mountain because all the others have been taken from our tribe.”

Heads swiveled in her direction, and Amana ducked her head and wished she could disappear.

She was the only girl among the twelve, who did not have a friend. The girls mostly ignored her, but one or two of the girls (particularly an older girl named Zelda) had been mean to her on some occasions. Amana supposed it was her own fault that she had no friends, that she was too shy.

“It is now time for the Test,” Baksheer announced, and eleven heads quickly swiveled back towards Baksheer. Amana raised hers more slowly, and when she did, she saw Baksheer looking at her, patiently awaiting her concentration. Amana blushed because she had kept her Elder waiting and nodded to let Baksheer know she was ready.

“There have been many things that Dalia taught you,” said Baksheer facing all twelve girls now. “But there are also many things that Dalia did not teach you. The first, and obvious, reason is that she left us before she could teach you all the things that she had planned on teaching you.”

One of the girls sniffed.

Baksheer gave a comforting smile. “I know this is all very hard on you, and I am so sorry to have put this strain on you.” He cleared his throat, and went on.

“The other reason, which is not so obvious, is that Dalia wanted to make sure that you would not know how to complete this test.”

A few of the girls gasped, and all looked uneasily at another. Why would Dalia not show them how to complete this test? It is such an important test, so why would Dalia want them to fail?

“I see you are confused,” said Baksheer. “Let me enlighten you. The purpose of this test is to draw upon your old knowledge to make conclusions in order to gain new knowledge. This is a skill that all of you, not only the special chosen one, will need to use as enchantresses.”

A younger girl named Marlia spoke up. “But what if none of us figures out how to complete the test?”

The older girls all snorted with disgust at this statement, which they considered pure foolishness.

“One of us will figure it out, and that one certainly won’t be you,” Zelda muttered under her breath.

“A very good question,” Baksheer said, smiling and nodding in Marlia’s direction. “One of you will be able to figure out how to complete the test because if none of your minds can think up a way, the Mighty One will tell you how to do it.”

“Now, are you ready for the test?”

The girls nodded hesitantly.

There was a long silence, and Baksheer said, “Make the universe appear in your hands.”

Most of the girls sat back and looked baffled. However, Amana remembered right away a spell from Delia’s old spell book - a spell for making illusions. Delia had said they may look at it, but all the other girls had seemed uninterested.

Zelda must have looked at the old book, for she suddenly stood up and cried out:

Lost things may disappear
And to find them again
You may make them appear

She spoke the rest of the spell in a mutter, and then cupped her hands together. Nothing happened.

Zelda stamped her foot impatiently and tried again. Still nothing happened.

“Amana,” Baksheer said quietly. “Would you like to try?”

Amana stepped up to the middle of the room, and in her quiet, shy voice, she repeated the spell. But she also added an important lesson from Delia - “Always ask the Creator, my girls, to help you in your needs. For without Him, you can do nothing.

Amana spoke in a louder voice then she had spoken the spell in, “I pray to You, O Mighty One, to help me.”

She cupped her trembling hands together and repeated her plea to the Creator again and again in her mind.

A faint glow appeared in Amana’s hands and all twelve girls gasped at once. Then the glow became bigger and bluer, and white streaks that were stars came into focus.

Amana was straining to keep the universe as long as she could in her hands. Beads of sweat rolled down her forehead. Five seconds passed, and the universe in Amana’s hands disappeared all at once.

Then the eleven girls, who had ignored her all the years of her life were crowding around her and congratulating her. Even Zelda clapped her on the back and told her that she did marvellously.

Behind them all was Baksheer. He nodded at Amana and his eyes said,It is time.

“Excuse me, everybody,” Amana said. She felt braver then she ever had in her whole life. “But we have an army to defeat.”

And as all the girls scrambled to put on their cloaks and follow her out of the cave, Amana felt as if the universe was inside her. And outside the cave, it was raining, diminishing the fires of the enemy.

© Copyright of Alyianna Baggins, 2012/2013

Friday, March 22, 2013


Welcome to the grand opening of my second try at a writing blog! I will have writing posts up here soon - whether it be excerpts from my writing, updates on my writing progress, or my tips for writers. Please follow and you should get a new post by tomorrow at the very latest. :)

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